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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

What's Good For The Goose...

Seems that Commissioner's Court is taking Lyle Larson's low-income apartment rule in his precinct and thinking about applying it countywide:

Bexar County commissioners will take a close look at a housing finance policy that applies only to Commissioner Lyle Larson’s Precinct 3—and they may adopt it countywide.

The policy singling out Precinct 3 forbids financing deals in the North Side precinct, other than refunding bonds, for new development or for buying and rehabilitating existing apartments as affordable housing, unless it is for seniors or remains 100 percent on the tax rolls.

In 2002, Larson put the rule into place in the county’s Housing Finance Corp. with the consent of the other commissioners, who are the finance corp.’s board members. A story by the Express-News in July made County Judge Nelson Wolff, who wasn’t aware of the policy, question the wisdom of having one precinct with a separate policy.

He raised the issue today at the Housing Finance Corp. meeting.

Larson said he asked for the policy because apartment development in his precinct is already abundant, because his constituents don’t want it and because school districts have complained about the loss of tax revenue.

Wolff noted today that the impact to school districts happens throughout the county, not just in Precinct 3.

“If Lyle Larson’s policies are good, we ought to do them across all four districts,” he said.

The policy change will likely be on the Housing Finance Corp’s agenda at its next meeting in September.

The thing that's always chapped my hide about this, is how each commissioner can set their own rules in their respective precinct. It'll be interesing to see if this has any effect on apartment prices in the county.