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Friday, August 19, 2005

Trent Lott: Going Against the Grain of History

So Trent Lott has a new tell-all out. He rips on Frist, tries to cozy up to Clinton, and even *gasps* says some not so nice things about Dubya. But you wanna know the kicker for me? Right here:

Lott said he thought Clinton deserved to be removed from office, but knew there were never enough votes in the Senate to convict the president at his 1999 impeachment trial.

Lott had had earlier experience with presidential impeachment. As a young House member, he voted against impeaching President Nixon during the Watergate scandal.

Let's see... lying about and covering up sex with an intern at the White House? Impeachable.

Lying about and covering up a break-in then hiding behind executive privilege and wielding executive power like a third-world despot? Unimpeachable.

PS- Who ever can tell me which political scientist coined the phrase "grain of history" wins a prize