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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Stay In Town!

You'd think we wouldn't have to tell our public officials this, but...

Sen. Leticia Van de Putte issued the following statement:

“I was, and am, on a vacation with my husband, Pete, a trip planned for a year. I made the final decision to leave on Saturday, only after Speaker Craddick made it clear in writing that education or tax bills would not have the support to pass in the House during this special session. I conferred with Lt. Governor Dewhurst, and he assured me that he would give all Senators at least 24 hours notice if he intended to bring up S.B. 8 for a vote.

“When Lt. Governor Dewhurst gave 24 hours notice yesterday of his intent to bring up S.B. 8 in the Senate today at 3 p.m., we immediately began looking for ways for me to be back on the Senate floor in time to participate in the debate. As it turned out, there was not a way to return to Austin until late tonight at the earliest, which would have been too late. I discussed this problem with Lt. Governor Dewhurst last night, who assured me that whether or not I was there, the bill would have ample votes for both suspension of the rules and passage.”

- Via In the Pink

So Craddick and Dewhurst pinky-sweared you and that was assurance enough for you to hop town? No, check that, Dewhurst tells you that he'll give you 24 hour notice about SB 8, he gives you 24-hour notice and THEN you decide to check what the flight schedules are? But, of course, this doesn't matter Dewhurst assured you that the bill would have more than enough votes to pass.

What the hell, seriously. Republicans have ample votes on both sides to assure passage of nearly everything, so why don't the rest of our elected officials just go home? You know, once upon a time it was a privilege to go up to Austin and represent us people. Now it seems more like a burden

31 state senators, 29 around Austin, 1 in the hospital, mine in Bermuda.