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Monday, August 08, 2005

Shane Sklar for CD 14

Sometime last week (or was it the week before that) I found out that one of the good guys has decided to take on Ron Paul in CD 14. Meet Shane Sklar:

He's a fourth-generation rancher who grew up in the heart of the 14th Congressional District.

He's an energetic, nationally known leader in agriculture who has fought hard for Texas cattlemen and traditional small town values.

And he's a conservative Democrat who can bring real change to this large, diverse district on the Texas Gulf Coast.

He's Shane Sklar -- the next U.S. Representative from District 14.

For the last four years, Sklar has served as the Executive Director of the Independent Cattlemen's Association of Texas (ICA) and has earned a reputation for innovation and hard work.

Under his leadership, ICA's membership doubled at a time when most agricultural groups saw their numbers shrink. Sklar also played a key role in making sure the 2002 federal Farm Bill required country-of-origin labeling for retail beef.

Recently, news reporters from across the country turned to Sklar for accurate information and knowledgeable opinions regarding the outbreak of mad cow disease in Texas.

Prior to joining ICA, Sklar was a key member of the staff of Congressman Chet Edwards, who represents a Central Texas district. As Edwards' Field Representative, Sklar traveled throughout the district updating constituents about important issues and representing the Congressman at district events.
Sklar also served as the Field Director for Edwards' 2000 successful re-election campaign.

Shane Reese Sklar was born March 25, 1976 in Victoria, and is a 1994 graduate of Edna High School. In 1999, Sklar earned a BS in Agricultural Business and a minor in Political Science from Sam Houston State University.

Sklar is a member of Saint Agnes Catholic Church in Edna. He is engaged to Jill Turner of Anahuac, Texas, and they will be married August 6, 2005 in Galveston at St. Mary’s Cathedral.

First off, congratulation on the marriage. Secondly, we've got a rancher, born and raised in the district, who has worked for Chet Edwards running here. That looks like a find to me. It'll be a tough fight against Ron Paul, probably the only Republican in Texas who you can't stick the Tom Delay/ethics/corruption charges to. But we like that Shane's making this a race.