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Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Run Everywhere Caucus And The DCCC

I don't particularly understand the rift between some bloggers and the DCCC. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee isn't there to help give every nascent challenger campaign a starting push. Nor is it their duty to pour money into unwinnable districts. Their job is to win seats. And while I do agree that the definition of a 'competitive/winnable' district needs to be expanded, the D-trip is largely doing that right now, expanding their stable of targetted districts, while narrowing the number of Dem-held districts they're going to use their resources to defend.

But the D-trip does not have the resources to fund a campaign manager, finance director, communications director, field director, and scheduler for every Dem challenger AND continue their regular operations AND become even more involved in those districts they are targetting as some blogs suggest. I don't know if, combined, the D-trip and the 'nets can do this. Plus, with the (fairly) new campaign finance rules, I don't even know if the DCCC could a) legally give the campaign that much money for an extended amount of time, or b) take on their salaries and still let them interact with the candidate campaign.

Nor, in my (limited) experience with the DCCC, is their MO all about the last two weeks and TV ads. The DCCC has a substantial field program that they couple with any media they do.

Now don't get me wrong, reform and change needs to happen- especially with their legendary ability to procrastinate races away. But getting involved in every race doesn't mean we fully fund every race, or we treat every race the same. That would only serve to hinder those races that truly are winnable.