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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Political Realignments

Matt Yglesias has a post arguing that 1968- not 1972- was the last electoral realignment. Ezra Klein responds. I believe they're both right.

Not for nothing, but I argued Matt's point in my Intro to Poli Sci course a long time ago when we discussed political realignments. My adjunct professor feigned interest and told me it was a good point. On the next test, he then- purposefully I believe- had a multiple choice question asking you to identify the election years of America's political realignments. One of the choices was entirely correct, and identified 1968 as the last realignment. I marked that answer. I got the question wrong. Bastard.

And yes, this post solely exists to relay that anecdote to you all. Well that, and you should really go read those two posts.