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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Paul Hackett

Extremely close right now, but when your average Dem gets 25% in this district, it's amazing what he's done. I mean the man's getting just as many Republicans to vote for him as he is Democrats. Blows my mind. Swing State Project and MyDD have the updates. I know very little about Major Hackett right now, so if anyone has some linkage pointing me to more info, help a brotha out.

Has he done this because his opponent's campaign could've been run better by poo-flingin' monkeys, or because he's moderate on just the right issues, or because he's the Ohio version of Bill Clinton or what? Or is it just one of those beautiful, perfect storm kinda days for him?

On a sidenote, the sort of stuff advocated by this Daily Kos diary makes me want to puke. Win on election day because you outwork and outsmart the other side, not because you jam up their phone lines. If you have time to make a phone call like this, you had time to make some GOTV phone calls for Hackett. Apparently two wrongs do make a right in certain portions of blogland.