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Monday, August 15, 2005


Nate over at Common Sense has the first post I've seen about gas prices and their local impact. Sure everyone talks about Peak Oil and $x dollars a barrel, and the local news will give a spot on how some soccer mom in a Suburban has to pay almost $100 dollars(!) to fill up her behemoth. But not too many bloggers are blogging- or real-life reporters for that matter- about what this means to everyone's pocketbook, or if it's made anyone rearrange their life around.

For my part, it hasn't affected me that much since my car does get some decent mileage (375 miles +/- on a 15 gallon tank). But it's getting there. While Nate remembers the time when five bucks could get you much more than two gallons, I remember that just last summer it took me $25 to fill up my car. Now it's more like $35.

I think the magic number for me is going to be when it costs me $40-45 to fill up (ie, about $3 a gallon). I fill up 3-4 times a month and that'll start to hurt my pocketbook. For now, all its costs me is some more time to actively plan my route out prior to leaving the house. But what about everyone else?