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Friday, August 26, 2005

In Case You Haven't Noticed

The blogroll has been updated and divided up a little more. There's still a handful of blogs to be added that I haven't gotten around to yet, but that's about the way it's going to look. All the National and Texas blogs are those that I read on a consistent basis. Not so with the San Antonio blogs. Those are all the ones I've been able to find, and in the interest of growing the SA bloggers readership and club, I've put them all up.

Other things added? Google text ads, down towards the bottom, so if you wanna help out the site monetarily, click on those. Although it'll probably be years before I'd ever get a check from them. The coolest function, or what I think is the coolest function added is the Google search bar. For those of you who don't use Firefox or who don't have the Google toolbar- or who are just too lazy to move your cursor all the way up to the top- you can actually search the web from there. The other cool thing about that search bar is, click on the Jeff button and you can search this here blog. This has personally saved me an immense amount of time looking for my own posts to link to.

Just thought I'd give everyone a head's up.