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Sunday, August 28, 2005

EA Sports: NCAA Football '06 Review

So I spent the better part of this weekend trying out EA Sports' newest edition of their highly successful NCAA Football line. The only major wrinkle added on to this year's game is the Race For the Heisman feature. Basically, you create your own player- essentially yourself- choose a position and then run through some non-contact, position specific drills to produce your ratings. Not really anything new, since most people do this already, but the fact that it's now a institutionalized, full-fledged option, rather than something just done on the fly by random players makes the Race For The Heisman feature pretty freakin' cool. Although I want to find the kid who chooses to become a lineman, offensive or defensive.

Right now I'm living two, alternate lives- playing as a option QB for Air Force and as a pass happy signal-caller for Oklahoma. And while it's infinitely easier to just hand the ball off to Adrian Peterson, even that can get tough once your opponents start putting 8 or 9 guys in the box. The fact that I almost always play as a option team has also caused some real problems, considering that I normally only call a pass play to catch the defense sleeping. And with the difficulty level set to the toughest (All-American), getting through your progressions and eluding the blitz can be a pretty tough assignment. So basically my guy comported himself as you'd think a freshmen would- which is to say 50% completion percentage, 1600 yards and about 15 TDs and 10 Ints.

The only other wrinkle I'd add to this is some sort of mini role-playing game where you can choose whether or not to go to class or get money out of college boosters or get discounts at a local shoe store. Oh and the school you choose to go to has a major-bearing on your mental aptitude and character. So for instance, should you choose to go to Miami there'd be a 1-in-3 chance you've got a felony criminal record. But that's just me.

To summarize, if you're looking for a sure-fire time waster go buy the game. The girlfriend bought it for me to keep me out of her hair as she begins her apartment renovation project, and its doing a pretty good job.