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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Draft John Sharp Redux

So the blog train has been gaining steam over the past few days with this whole Draft John Sharp (DJS) website (See BOR, Off the Kuff, Greg's Opinion, Pink Dome, In the Pink, Nate). But the floodgates broke open yesterday when Karl-Thomas Musselman of BOR did some sleuthing and basically came out with the fact that the consulting duo of (Christian) Archer/(Mark) Nathan was hired by Dallas area Dem activist Charles Whitaker to put up the website.

Now it's get interesting depending on which camp you fall in. There's alot of Chris Bell supporters out there who believe that John Sharp essentially recruited Whitaker and some other supporters to throw up this website. John Sharp supporters (and Archer/Nathan) see this as a website put up by true Sharp supporters who are trying to persuade Sharp to get into the Gov race.

I've got two thoughts on this. One, I think this site is about as legit as a online drafting movement can get nowadays. I mean it's not as if the site's trying to draft Henry Cisneros or something. Two, one of the reasons I believe this is legit is because John Sharp has never been known for his grassroots touch. I would've been a little more suspicious if this site popped up immediately after it became clear that nothing major was going to get done on education during the regular session. Right now it just looks like some Sharp supporters are really worried about losing a huge chunk of Dem activists to this 'newfangled internets thing.'

Anyways, at the very least this is buying the DJS website alot of free advertising.

On another note, e-mailer extraodinaire Carl Whitmarsh is writing that the rumors he's hearing are saying that Sharp will announce in mid-to-late September.