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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Craddick: It's Everyone Else's Fault But Mine

So after ripping on the Senate for failing to bring about any meaningful reform on school finance, House Speaker Craddick has decided to train his sights on another target- school superintendents:

Texas House Speaker Tom Craddick is blaming school superintendents for the Legislature's failure to pass school and tax reform during the summer's second special session, which expires Friday with no hope of a breakthrough.

"All they want is money," Craddick said Tuesday. "They are not interested in any reforms, any changes. ... They just want money, and they don't want any changes in the system.

The superintendents push back:

"Those people — and the speaker especially — see public education as a liability, not as an asset," North East Superintendent Richard Middleton said. "They don't see it as something that's worth keeping and nurturing and developing. They want to find anything else that's cheaper."

And while Craddick is whining about not having enough votes to pass school finance and a tax bill out of the House, let's be real clear about this. Craddick doesn't have enough votes to pass HIS school finance and tax bills out of the House. And since Craddick can't do that, he doesn't want play to ball. The troika of Perry, Dewhurst, and Craddick all share the blame on this, but Craddick's the obstructionist.