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Monday, July 25, 2005

Why Not?

This is about three days behind, but what the hell. A firestorm of sorts was started this past Monday when Greg simply advocated that someone hop on in the open race for SD 7 over in Houston. Houston political consultant Marc Campos said, to paraphrase, 'don't waste your time, that money can be best spent elsewhere.'

Ironically enough, the day before, Karl-Thomas Musselman from the Burnt Orange Report gave us all a heads up that local blogger Matt Glazer was going to explore a race against Frank Corte in HD 122. When Kuff posted about this the following day he got a comment that essentially said, "don't waste your time, you'll only make more Republicans vote."

Since then, a whole lotta blogs have posted about this (Greg, Kuff, BOR, Save Texas Reps, Eye on Williamson County, Et Cetera & So On), myself included. And we've gotten responses from Campos and what looks to be the same Kuff commenter at the BOR.

Until Campos tells us exactly why this is a bad idea, I'm only going to comment on why certain folks believe that running running someone in a 75% Republican district is a bad thing for us Democrats here in Bexar. I don't buy the argument that Glazer running will hinder county wide races. I don't think that statewide candidates who do put an office here in Bexar County spend all that much time knocking on doors or doing GOTV in HD 122. And if they're not doing it, then no one is. Plus we don't know what Corte is like as a candidate. The man hasn't been challenged in a decade. Let's put Corte out there on the campaign trail, make a vigorous campaign of it, and make him defend his record. Who knows, maybe we can get a straight voting R or two to stop and think about this race, maybe even vote for Matt should he decide to run. And if the voter does that then maybe, just maybe, these voters take a look at the other Dems running now that they've gotta go down the ballot and actually decide on each and every candidate. Because these guys are going to continue to vote for Corte if they're not given a choice.

And let's be honest, if our strategy in Texas is to stick to areas where we're not gonna piss off Republican incumbents who typically don't have to campaign, then we're going to not be campaigning in many, many more places then we're going to be campaigning. This, to me, seems to just reek of the 'let's wait for the demographics to switch our way' argument, or a 'let's just concentrate on heavily turning out our base' argument. I mean, if you've got a full proof way to magically 'find' another 250-600,000 voters, then by all means let's hear it. But whatever happened to good, ol' voter persuasion? Whatever happened to actually going out, knocking on doors, providing an alternate opinion and letting the voter decide? Campaign after campaign after campaign has shown that a strong, vigorous campaign from the party that is clearly a minority within that seat's boundaries will still get 1,2,3, even up to 20 percentage points peeled away from the majority party. So what's the problem?