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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Strike Three!!!

So earlier today I'm driving around our fair city listening to some music when a commercial comes on blasting our state leadership for their work on, and the passage of, HB 3. Set to a whole baseball theme (hence the title), the ad lambasts various portions of HB 3; giving the average joe tax hikes while cutting taxes for the rich, not providing money for our schools, that sort of stuff. So as my smile is growing wider and wider and I'm trying to figure out which one of our esteemed state legislators put this ad up, the tag line comes up:

"This ad paid for by Phillip Morris USA."


Phillip Morris USA, defender of the little guy. Who they'll then promptly try to poison with their products and foist over for medical care to local, state, and national governments.

And then I remembered, IT IS all about the cigarettes. The extra dollar tax on cigarettes. Sneaky, sneaky Philip Morris USA. Who knows, maybe it's because they're turning over a new (tobacco) leaf. Prolly not though.