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Friday, July 08, 2005

SA Stuff

The historic Olmos Pharmacy is being sold on ebay. If you ever wanted to own an old-timey pharmacy that sells the best shakes and malts in town, it can be yours for an opening bid of $500,000.

The Olmos Pharmacy, a local landmark since 1938, is now item # 4392862742 on eBay.

That’s right. The iconic Olmos Park pharmacy and lunch counter known for its soda fountain and thick, frosty shakes is for sale in the same virtual venue that has sold a grilled cheese sandwich burned with an image of the Virgin Mary, a small town in California and a ghost in a jar.

Asking price for this little slice of Americana? A cool half a million – and that doesn’t include the land.
John Dodd, the pharmacist who owns the place, is ready to retire.

After working 12 hours a day, six days a week since he bought the pharmacy 15 years ago, Dodd says he’s ready to relax, travel the country a bit, do some fishing.

While it’s not stated in the listing, beyond text suggesting the owner would like to “pass on the legacy” of the pharmacy, Dodd says he wants the new owner to keep everything exactly as it is.

And why wouldn’t they?

The Olmos Pharmacy boasts a fiercely loyal customer base that keeps the vinyl booths and lunch counter stool full, one of the last three soda fountains in Texas, accolades from Gourmet magazine and Frommer’s, a pharmacy that still delivers and a firm place on “must visit” lists for tourists from around the world.

Often times back in high school me and the buds would drop by the pharmacy on those rare days when we'd be let out early. Of course back then, Olmos Pharmacy was just a place to get some good food while we were marking time before the Catholic schoolgirls from Incarnate Word were released from the sisters to us Catholic schoolguys. Good times, good times.

In other news, six San Antonio strippers pleaded no contest to violating our brand spankin' new human display ordinance:

Six strippers pleaded no contest today to charges of violating the city's human display ordinance, paid $150 fees and were placed on deferred adjudication for 90 days.

That makes about 25 entertainers who chose to plead their cases instead of continuing to fight the city's ordinance, which was first passed in April 2003 and led to a federal lawsuit and recently, a settlement.

The pleas before San Antonio Municipal Court Judge Joe Niño came without the defendants having to be present in court, although two dancers showed up and left after conferring with attorneys for the strip clubs.

Jim Deegear, lead lawyer for the strip clubs, said some 360 citations have been issued to 150 to 200 strip club employees since the city passed its ordinance two years ago.

The majority of the defendants are female strippers who were ticketed for things such as touching patrons while performing topless and dancing nude -- which are prohibited by the ordinance. Owners and managers are also among the defendants and were ticketed for suspicion of allowing the prohibited activity to occur.

At the end of the day, isn't this biggest waste of police officer time ever? Or are these police officers just the vanguard of a massive drug/prostitution crackdown on the city's strip clubs? Because that would be good. Just giving out citiations based on a city ordinance (what is that like a class Z misdemeanor?) though, not so good.