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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Rodriguez: Sculley Might Come Back

Ken Rodriguez writes that we just may get Sheryl Sculley as our city manager after all:

Three months after withdrawing as a candidate, Sheryl Sculley is privately talking with one local official about becoming San Antonio's next city manager.

Current and former City Council members say Sculley appears willing to consider a lower salary than the $265,000 base pay the previous council proposed in April.

How much lower is unclear. Also unclear is whether she would accept the job if it were offered.

Sculley, the highly regarded assistant city manager in Phoenix, did not return my calls on Tuesday.

According to City Hall sources, Sculley is discussing the city manager's job with one council member.

"One council person has been asked to communicate with her, and that person is not the mayor," a City Hall insider said.

The council member said to be speaking with Sculley could not be reached for comment.

Mayor Phil Hardberger said he hopes Sculley remains interested in the city manager's position. But he neither confirmed nor denied that discussions with her are taking place.

"I have no real comment to give you," Hardberger said. "There was an executive session. I don't want to get into what was talked about there. I can't go any further than I already have."

Former mayor Ed Garza says he recently learned of discussions between Sculley and the city.

"From what I hear," Garza said, "there's a courting taking place to test her level of interest."

Three months ago, Sculley's interest appeared unquestioned. After agreeing to a lucrative financial package, Sculley said she would accept the job if the council voted unanimously to hire her.

Though she had enough council support to get the job, Sculley withdrew when then-Councilman Julián Castro announced his opposition.

I'm on record here that we need to do whatever it takes to get Sculley over here. Hopefully a majority of city council feels the same way.

In other city manager news, the San Antonio Lightning has former city manager Terry Brechtel working as a consultant to the oh-niners (Alamo Heights for the non-San Antonians) to the tune of $11,500/month. The Lightning also has rumors that Brechtel might be in line for Alamo Heights' city manager position. One of her $11,500 per month recommendations? Change Alamo Heights name to Alamo Heights Village. Psst, guys, I could do that for 30, no no, 20% of Brechtel's salary.