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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Matt Glazer: Putting His Money Where His Mouth Is

Via the Report that is Burnt Orange:

A personal friend of mine, Matt Glazer, who traveled with me to the Democratic National Convention last summer from SD 25 (and was the youngest Texas delegate all of 15 minutes before I was elected out of SD 24) has announced that he is forming an Exploratory Committee to run against Rep. Corte in HD 122, a San Antonio seat that he hasn't been really challenged in since 1992.

It's one of those 75/25 districts on the surface, but when incumbents sit unchallenged for too long it's hard to gauge what their true level of support is. Personally, I know it's a long shot, but then again, everything in Texas is these days. And though I'm not expecting massive wins in Texas in 2006, I support Matt's effort because by running he helps build the Party on a local level where it hasn't been tended to for a decade.

In addition, 40 Precincts (or was it 40%, have to check) of HD 122 overlays CD 21 where John Courage is running against Lamar Smith so it provides yet another underlying house seat that will have a Democratic candidate active on the ground, (adding to pieces of Strama's seat, Baxter and Keel's challenges seats, as well two of Patrick Rose's counties). John and Matt are well acquainted which is all the better to the both of them.

Included in the extended entry is a letter from Matt about this race. Please leave your thoughts and comments below.

UPDATE: The Jeffersonian has a bit of a profile on the district here and Kuff just weighed in with his thoughts.

Dear Friend,

San Antonio and its neighbors to the north deserve a Representative who listens to their concerns and fights for their beliefs. Currently, House District 122 has a selected official that has twice been elected as one of the worst legislators in Texas by Texas Monthly. He is a man who champions the interests of Houston businesses over the needs of his own district. He consistently votes against women and minorities, and he supports measures that make our public schools unequal and inadequate according to Texas Supreme Courts standards.

Right now, in San Antonio, progressive groups are trying to find a conservative candidate who is less radical than Mr. Corte. They believe the only way to win is to take him on within his own party. A handful of passionate Democrats have started searching for a progressively minded individual to protect the rights of Texans in district 122, San Antonio, and across Texas.

I believe that we can never be truly successful if we are required to pick the lesser of two evils. I am a man who believes that it is time Democrats and progressively minded groups and individuals banded together to win back key seats in the Texas legislature.

In response to this call for new leadership, I have asked different community leaders and organizations about the possibility of running for this position. Today I am officially announcing the formation of an exploratory committee to establish the necessary legal structure, secure key endorsements, build a diverse and extensive coalition, and most importantly, inquire about the viability of my candidacy. I am inviting you to join this exploratory committee.

I would like your thoughts on this expansive goal. I want to begin having conversations with people across the district and I want to ensure that this campaign makes lasting change. Frank Corte has gone virtually unchallenged since 1992, and that will not be the case in 2006.

House District 122 will show a clear signal that Texans across the state believe that the environment is a right and not a privilege, that women’s rights deserve to be protected, and that education reform requires solutions that produce real results.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Thank you,

Matt Glazer

Now one of the things that doesn't show up on this copy and paste is that Matt Glazer is the writer of San Antonio's own, Just Another Blog. About a month or so ago, Matt posted a good piece about Frank Corte and why he needs to be challenged (here's my response to his post). Looks like he's about to step up. Matt talks about some people attempting to recruit a less conservative Republican to the primary. I don't think this is an either-or proposition. Let Corte work his tail off and spend his money (PS- He's got $61,000 in the bank) on a primary opponent and then have to work some more. Sure he'd raise just as much money again and outspend you, but the more time and effort he's spending on phones, raising money, or at fundraisers the less amount of time he's working the district.* Plus who knows, maybe that gives you some disaffected R voters looking to not vote for Corte.

I do agree with Kuff when he says this district sucks electorally from a Dem perspective. But that's no reason to not run someone in this district. Plus, as Matt has pointed out, since Corte hasn't had a Democratic challenger in over a decade, we really don't know what kind of traction a strong, aggressive candidate can make up on him (kinda like how Kay Bay hasn't seen a real opponent since 1994). Matt, you're gonna have to strike early and hard, and keep it up for an extended amount of time, but let's get it on. You need any help from blockwalking, putting together mailers, pouring over voter lists and precinct numbers, to just getting someone else to come with you to any and all organizations and take down the names of all the peeps who say they're gonna volunteer- I'm with you man.**

It looks as if 2006 is shaping up to be a good year for us here in Bexar. We've got the the Dem. primary in CD 28, John Courage is taking on Lamar Smith, someone could very well be taking on Frank Madla, and there are whispers that we could get a lively challenger to Henry Bonilla. Plus all the statewides, let's not forget about them.

Keeping checking here at the Jeff for all your San Antonio news.

* For a strong example, check out the Edwards-Wohlgemuth race. Wohlgemuth raised $60,000 ($2.5 mil each) less than Chet for the whole cycle, but actually spent about $700-800 thousand during the primary... which meant that Edwards was able to oustpend her $2.5 mil to $1.6-7 mil from April to November.
** I feel like Viper talking to Maverick at the end of Top Gun.