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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Marc Veasey Joins Garnet Coleman

Via PinkDome:

We just received the radio ad Rep. Marc Veasey (D-FW) is running in his district. It's the same copy as Rep. Coleman's spot. Looks like we have a little more grassroots action going on and these Dems that aren't so poor are picking up the slack where the State Party can't.

Go on with your bad selves! Anyone else? (Veasey Press Release after the jump. We'll upload the ad later today)

Rep. Marc Veasey Blasts Republican Tax Hike In New Radio Ad

Fort Worth Democrat wants better funding for public schools and real
tax relief for hard working families

Fort Worth--State Representative Marc Veasey announced today that he
will bring his message of improving our public schools and cutting
taxes for all families directly to Fort Worth/Dallas area citizens in
a new radio ad.

"The families I represent in Fort Worth want to improve our public schools, pay our teachers more and see real property tax relief," commented Rep. Veasey. Unfortunately, the Republican leadership just pushed through a plan that creates new taxes on every single Texan in order to protect their special interest friends. This radio ad brings the debate directly to the people. Not only have Texans been sold a bill of goods, under the GOP plan, they will now be taxed on it."

Rep. Veasey's ad, entitled "Fairness", will air on local stations in a "weekend ad-blitz" this Friday, Saturday and Sunday and blasts the
state's Republican leadership for supporting a plan to raise taxes on
all Texas families making less than $100,000 per year. The Republican plan, known as House Bill 3, increases the state sales tax, creates new taxes on auto-repairs and bottled water and provides only minimal property tax relief for average families. Rep. Veasey's ad calls on North Texans to contact Governor Rick Perry and encourage him to restore fairness by axing the GOP tax plan.

"This tax-plan is just more of the same from the Republicans," said Rep. Veasey. "Republicans supported a school funding plan that does not pay our teachers and school workers what they deserve and does
more for children in the wealthiest school districts than it does for kids struggling to learn in under-funded schools," Veasey continued. "Now the Republicans have passed a tax plan to benefit rich folks and
big businesses. I supported a plan to triple the homestead exemption and to cut property taxes for all Texans. Raising taxes on hard working families while under-funding our public schools isn't exactly what we call progress in Fort Worth."

Rep. Veasey is the second House Democrat to take to airwaves in the fight to lower property taxes and pay for public schools. Rep. Garnet Coleman of Houston debuted a similar ad last week.

Kudos to Rep. Veasey. Visit Veasey's site and shoot him an e-mail asking him to put up a donation page so we can thank him monetarily for doing his part. So Garnet Coleman's got Houston and Austin covered, and Veasey's got DFW for us. That's the 1st, 2nd, and 4th largest markets in Texas. Who's got our back here in Bexar County? Villarreal? Martinez-Fischer? Leibowitz (come on, you spent $700 Gs on a state rep race)? Castro? Menendez? Uresti (give you some name rec. for a possible challenge against Madla)? Puente? McClendon?

Someone, or a group of y'all, needs to step up. Don't make some other state rep. have to come down here and do our job for us.