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Monday, July 11, 2005

Garnet Coleman Radio Ad: Say No to Republican Tax

Just received a press release in the ol' inbox letting me know that State Representative Garnet Coleman has just put out a radio ad urging Texas to call Rick Perry and just say no to the Republican tax on our families. Here's the transcript:

I'm State Representative Garnet Coleman.

As a father of two public school children,
I value our neighborhood schools.

Democrats put those values into a plan to improve our schools.
But Republicans said no.

Democrats worked to give our teachers a real pay raise.
But Republicans said no.

Democrats fought to cut taxes for all families
But Republicans said no…
and then voted to make us
pay the highest sales tax in the nation…
pay it when we fix our cars…
even pay it for water to drink.

An 8 billion dollar Republican tax on our families
…and not a penny for our schools
Not a nickel for teachers
Not a dime for health care…

because all our tax dollars would go to cut taxes
for the wealthy and big business.

Please join the fight for fairness.
Call Governor Perry.
Say NO to the Republican tax on our families

Running in Houston now, it'll start running in Austin tomorrow. After hearing about Perry's radio ads to support the Republican tax on our families, I was wondering if we'd do anything to push back. Good job by Coleman and the Dem leadership. My only gripe (and you know I've gots to have one)? I wish we'd started running it last week when the House vote was taken. Who knows, maybe it would've switched a couple of votes.

We'll end with this very good quote by the honorable State Rep:

"I believe it is important to encourage all Texans to make their
voices heard by speaking out against a Republican tax plan that asks
almost 90% of Texans to pay higher taxes and does nothing to help our
neighborhood schools."

Update 1:58 pm: Pink Dome has the audio. I'm with PD, we need other Dems to do the same. Also, stop by Coleman's site and ask him to put up a paypal link or something so that we can show him our thanks.