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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Commissioner's Court

The response to the whole 'Larson don't like poor people' brouhaha? Meh. Commissioner Larson, of course, defended his rule, Commissioner Adkisson stated that Larson should be able to do what ever he wants, and Commissioner Rodriguez didn't no there was a difference. Commissioner Elizondo? Well it seems that he- or most likely his staff- does some blog reading:

That echoed an earlier statement by Precinct 2 Commissioner Paul Elizondo, who is chairman of the corporation but did not attend Wednesday because he had to go to a funeral, he said.

Elizondo said the policy didn't come up because it wasn't on the agenda, but he'll put it on the agenda next time.

"I don't know that it's a policy as such," Elizondo said. "In retrospect, the fact that we have to explain the reason for it indicates that it was a mistake that it be in there."

He added that the resulting dialogue has been healthy in one respect: "These precincts that we represent are not fiefdoms, and some of the public are trying to tell us that, and rightfully so."

Some little ol' blog a couple of days ago:

'I don't believe that government should help subsidize development,' says the Honorable County Commissioner. Someone want to guess alongside me on what side Larson was on for the PGA Village fiasco? Affordable housing financing is no. And what's with this practice of county commissioners allowing their colleagues to rule their precints like fiefdoms? Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't one of the main tenents of a functioning democracy accounta-freakin'-bility?

County Judge Nelson Wolff is already on record as supporting a change to make the rules uniform, I think that Elizondo and Rodriguez would be too. So unless this item just happens to fall by the wayside, this rule should be changed.

If you want to look at the other side of the coin just take a peek at's message board on this matter. Here's a couple of clips for you to read:

Bravo, Larson! We are NOT communist. Poor people don't necessarily have any RIGHT to live where those who earn more than them live. With hard work comes both responsibility and privilege. If they want to live in a better neighborhood, then they should work for it. Don't have the education to work a better job? Education is available in America for anyone who wants it. Those who have worked hard deserve to have neighborhoods that are cleaner and have less crime.


I agree with this commissioner- he is right! Ever since the housing by the Alamodome was knocked down, all the rift raft was kept on that side of town. Even the people who take care of the Alamodome knew that they needed to relocate all THOSE people- I believe that they need to buy some property on the far, far, far south side and move all those low income people and build them their own Wal-Mart, HEB and so forth and let them trash it and live in their own filth! Reading all the comments, it must be true low income people are lazy and trashy and the little help they get is so that they can party- We work hard to have nice things, but then it gets shot down when these rift raft people move in and park their broke down cars on the lawn, that's about 2 ft high, sleep all day and are up at midnight til 4am while we are sleeping because we DO have a JOB- and all they keep doing is multiplying- call it what you want but the Section 8 people have got to go-


I agree with Lyle Larson's stance 100%. The reason the northside is, as the article states, "economically healthy, with lower crime rates, proximity to better jobs and more stable neighborhoods" is because there are less low-income families living there. I say "Let's keep it that way." Based on past history, low-income families tend to have higher divorce rates and alcohol/drug abuse cases, which leads to more single parent homes, higher percentage of teen pregnancies and school dropouts, higher crime rates, unstable/unkept neighborhoods, and ultimately lower property values. You won't find very many neighborhoods on the northside with yards cluttered with broken down vehicles and unmowed grass. Most Northsiders take pride in their homes and neighborhoods as they should and they have a right to want it to stay that way.


I wish I had Mr. Larson in my precinct. I have lived on the southeast side of town all my life and I have seen it do nothing but go downhill. Everything about this side of town is trashy...the stores, retail outlets, etc. People just don't care about "nicities" and what their property looks like. Majority are just renters and what they don't own they don't give a flip about. Sure they are trying to dress up Brooks City Base, making it sound so grand when in reality in just a year or two it won't be worth shopping in because of the type of people we have living on this side of town due to "low income" families who live in rental property and/or duplexes and low income housing. I see the apartment buildings like the Riviera, Southcross Villas the duplexes on the corner of E. Southcross/Dollarhide...nothing but low income families who do not care about their surroundings.

I like how one of these guys thinks that the 'communist card' still works. Man, I wasn't even in junior high when the USSR fell. I also like how one of the commenters actually had the guts to write the words- THOSE people. I don't know if I've ever seen that phrase written before.

Outside of calling them idiots, I really don't have much else to say about these guys. Discuss it amongst yourselves.