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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Cliff Borofsky v2.0

Thought this could go unsaid, but here's why Cliff Borofsky's resignation doens't mean as much as some would like. First, there isn't any consipracy going on here. Borofsky didn't cost Julian Castro the election on June 7 as some would like to believe. For those (still) questioning why a voting box was allowed to stay open past 7:00 pm on June 7, and would like to blame this on Borofsky, an election refresher course is needed (so long as you're in line by 7:00, you are allowed to vote- I've heard of precincts staying open longer than 9:30). The move from electronic voting to paper ballots for the run-off was a recommendation Borofsky gave to the City Council as a cost-saving measure- it saved us $300,000. It was ultimately up to the City Council to approve, and they did. Anyone want to take a straw poll of the last council and see how many of them voted for Castro?

Secondly, while some may see a move to Williamson County as a step down, it comes with its own set of challenges. 317,000 people already live in Williamson (the vast majority in Round Rock or Georgetown), the county is one of the fastest growing in the state, and has a higher turnout (think 65%) than the state as a whole. So it's not a 'small, cruddy' area where one could runaway to. To see for oneself, alls you gots to do is drive 80 miles north of SA and keep on truckin' past Austin to see how non-po' dunk major portions of Williamson county are.

Finally, this wasn't done in a backdoor sort of way. A year ago, County Judge Nelson Wolff told Borofsky that once things got settled in Bexar, he should get on down the road. So while the parting is amicable, I don't see how one could infer that this means that Wolff and Borosky are 'good buddies.' I'm sorry that we, the public, aren't privileged to the conversations that Borofsky had with family, friends, co-workers, and superiors about what he'd decide to do about his career. Then again, I don't think we should be.

But here's the part that really gets me- that somehow Mayor Hardberger's election was predicated more on electioneering, vote-rigging or other illegal actions than it was on him actually besting Julian. This is the same mindset that the Republican party used to rationalize their 8-year assault on Bill Clinton. Face it, Julian lost. If you want to ramp up for a possible '07 rematch, go right ahead. But I'll reserve my judgement for whom I'll support in the 2007 election until Hardberger, as the incumbent, actually has a body of work to run on and defend. Not one month into his term.