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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

CFR: '06 Edition v1

Update: I have no idea what's going on with the font size. If you're having trouble reading it, I know I am, copy and paste into a word document and fiddle with the size there. I'll still try to fix it over on this side.

The 2005 mid-year fundraising numbers are up and they're pretty interesting to look at. Below you'll see numbers for every Dem statewide candidate, big TX congressional races, and every state sen. and state rep. in Bexar county and a couple of others to note. Plus, here in San Antonio we're lucky enough to see what our newly elected City Councilpersons fundraised immediately after their elections.

Here's the legend: funds raised/cash on-hand/debt

US Senate

Barbara Radnofsky- According to this Burnt Orange post, Radnofsky has raised $500,000. Don't know if this was for the 2nd quarter of 2005 alone, or if this number is for all of 2005 to now. The only FEC report I can find online is Radnofsky's 2005 1st quarter numbers.


Chris Bell- $152,653/$10,741/$0

Attorney General

David Van Os- $20,502/$11,268/$0

It's kinda sad that these are the only three statewide candidates I have to post about.

Chet Edwards (TX-17)- $429,806/$561,792/$93

Nick Lampson (TX-22)- $517,528/$485,010/$17,659

Henry Cuellar (TX-28)- $193,248/$67,958/$234,002
Ciro Rodriguez (TX-28)- $24,750/$30,739/$0
Richard Raymond (TX-28)- $0/$29,122/$0- These numbers are from Raymond's state report. Couldn't find a FEC report for Raymond.

John Courage (TX-21)- No FEC report online for Courage either. Methinks that this has something to do with Courage and Raymond's 'exploratory' status.

Edwards and Lampson look to be building substantial warchests once again. And they'll each need every penny of it. While there have been some rumors about Ciro possibly stepping out of the CD-28 primary, he's only $37,000 behind the incumbent Cuellar right now. I think he stays in for at least another 90 days.

Bexar County State Senate and Representative delegation

State Sen. Frank Madla- $35,000/$32,068/$0

State Sen. Leticia Van de Putte- $0/$15,935/$0

State Sen. Judith Zaffirini- $0/$214,656/$0

State Sen. Jeff Wentworth- $1,000/$66,431/$0

State Rep. Mike Villarreal- $0/$69,368/$0

State Rep. Trey Martinez-Fischer- $0/$96,275/$0

State Rep. Joaquin Castro- $500/$10,797/$0

State Rep. Jose Menendez- $0/$55/$0

State Rep. Carlos Uresti- $0/$3,300/$12,278

State Rep. Robert Puente- $0/$0/$0

State Rep. Ruth Jones McClendon- $0/$7,024/$0

State Rep. Frank Corte- $2,500/$61,650/$0

State Rep. Joe Straus- $0/$0/$0

Didn't include State Rep. David Leibowitz because he's shown himself to be a self-funder. If that changes sometime along the way, we'll include him. It's interesting to note the amount of money that Villarreal, Martinez-Fischer, and Corte have in relation to the other six incumbents. Villarreal and Martinez-Fischer actually have more money in the bank than Van de Putte, Wentworth, and Madla.

San Antonio City Council


Phil Hardberger- $143,782/$45,091/$250,000
Julian Castro- $86, 709/$21,126/$0

City Councilpersons

Roger Flores- $6,450/$41,087/$0

Sheila McNeal- $10,910/$0/$0

Roland Gutierrez- $7,790/$317/$0

Richard Perez- $6,150/$20,219/$18,761

Patti Radle- $3,025/$10,582/$0

Delicia Herrera- No report posted yet.

Elena Guajardo- $7,780/$0/$15,000

Art Hall- $28,890/$7,397/$0

Kevin Wolff- $3,225/$2,739/$0

Chip Haass- $14,455/$14,148/$2,000

Castro erased his $50,000 debt pretty easily, and actually received an extra $20,000 for his troubles. Lame duck Councilman, Roger Flores is still sitting on a hefty warchest. Other than that, not too much to note here

Other Persons To Watch

Former State Rep. Steve Wolens (via Greg Wythe)- $1,121,156 cash on-hand

Former Congressman Jim Turner- $1,043,016 cash on-hand

Hmm, wonder what either one of those guys is going to do with a substantial warchest like that sitting around? Not for nothing, but I think these two are most likely the best funded Dems at this time.

Discuss amongst yourselves. While poor numbers are surely not the sign of the apocalypse for any candidate this early in the game EMILY's List is right- Early Money Is Like Yeast. If I missed anyone let me know.