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Friday, July 15, 2005

Bexar County Elections Boss Resigns

So Bexar County Elections Administrator, Cliff Borofsky, has tendered his letter of resignation, effective August 11, to leave for the same post in Williamson County. Borofsky's tenure, which should've been characterized by the switch from paper to electronic ballots will forever be remembered by the 2002 elections.

Outside of the general in 2002, which we'll get to in a little bit, anyone remember the '02 primary election? I was out in the field that day so I didn't get a full rundown until the next morning but it was absolute chaos. People were calling in saying that they were being told to vote at X, even though they've always voted at Y, and why were the Republicans telling them to go somewhere else... and then we needed a judge to keep the polls open a couple of hours (which, let me tell you, pleased all the campaign staffers and volunteers in Bexar County immensely). Chaos.

So everyone gets through that nightmare, you chug along for another six months or so, and then somehow, someway, no one remembers to tell the public that counting a two-paper ballot might take just a smidgen longer. A two-paper ballot, just by definition, doubles the amount of paper that is going to have to be counted as opposed to a one-paper ballot. So now we've got ballots times two which slows everything down, voters are getting angry and, once again, everything is chaos. Oh, and we still don't have electronic ballots that give us a paper printout.

He was here 8 years, but he'll be forever remembered for 2002, and it's overshadowed every election he's been in charge of since then (anyone else remember the footage of Borofsky in a 'fiesta' shirt assuring voters that everything would run smoothly in May?). Take that for what you will.