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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Something I Just Heard at H-E-B

Swear. To. God.

Two boys sitting inside the shopping cart as their father pushes the cart out of the store. The older one, no older than 5, asks: "Daddy, why do we shop at H-E-B?"

Father of the two boys- dead serious: "Because, we like to help out the economy. Not like the Democrats."

Me, walking by in disbelief: "You son of a..."

And then the better angels of my nature looked at the boys and decided it was not yet time to hear their father degraded in such a way.

What, does my moderate, Democratic ass, have some sort of organic/hydroponic vegetable garden where I grow ALL of the fruits and vegetables I eat or cook with? Am I a vegetarian who also bakes my own bread and has no desire whatsoever to eat a Fruit Roll-up or jalapeno-flavored potato chips? Do I use my bathtub to make my own moonshine thereby keeping H-E-B from even grabbing dollars from me in the alcohol dept?

I just don't get these type of Republicans.