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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The Results are Coming In!!!

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With 51,000+ early votes in, Phil Hardberger holds a 8,000+ vote lead over Julian Castro (58-42%). The beginning of vote counting makes the night promising. Let's see if the Judge can hold on.

In the City Council races, Delicia Herrera holds a less than 300 vote lead over Ray Lopez in district 6. In district 7, Elena Guajardo holds a 302 vote lead.

Let's see what today's work brought all six candidates.

8:11 pm: With a total of 5 precincts reporting, Julian Castro has closed the gap by 204 votes. I guess you gotta start somewhere.

9:11 pm: And Castro starts to close. With 134 of 589 precincts reporting, Phil's lead has shrunk to about 3,200 votes. This begs the question though, which precincts are these? Where are the votes coming from? Does anybody out there know?

As far as the Council races go, Delicia Herrera and Elena Guajardo have expanded their leads by another 200 votes each.

9:49 pm: With 40% of the precincts in, Hardberger's lead is now over 2,500 votes (51.6-48.4%). This is getting close. The Red State is reporting that up to now most of the reporting precincts have been from the inner city council districts. Basically, Castro territory.

The Council races are all but over with both leading their opponents by over 700 votes. As a matter of fact, the Jeffersonian is calling District 6 for Delicia Herrera and District 7 for Elena Guajardo.

9:52 pm: The Red State (TRS) is saying that the Stone Oak precinct has just closed. To say that this is a pro-Hardberger precinct is putting it mildly. Nearly three hours after the polls closed and there were so many people in line they had to stay open until just recently. With the up and downs we've seen in the mayoral race up till now, even tonight, just add this one to the list.

10:08 pm: 52% of the precincts in, a 2,300 vote difference in Hardberger's favor (51.3-48.7%). TRS is blogging that only 38 of the 208 precincts in District 8,9, and 10 have reported in. If that's true, then it will be extremely tough for Castro to pull this off.

10:20 pm: TRS has some good numbers up as to where the votes have come in from as of now. County Commish- Pct 1 (Chico Rodriguez/heavy Dem area)- 75 out of 125, Pct 2 (Paul Elizondo/heavy Dem area)- 98 out of 156, Pct 3 (Lyle Larson/heavy Repub area)- 69 out of 205, Pct 4 (Tommy Adkisson/leans Dem area)- 66 out of 198.

10:24 pm: New numbers- 55% of the precincts reporting... Phil leads by a 1,500 vote margin (50.8-40.2%). In other news, both Elena Guajardo and Delicia Herrera have built up a 1,000+ vote margin.

10:33 pm: 59% in... Phil adds 300 votes to push his margin up to 1,800 votes (50.9-49.1). If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm on political sensory overload right now. This is a political hack's dream. More as soon as we get wind of more news.

11:15 pm: According to Matt over at Just Another Blog, the last box has reached election headquarters. Still waiting for the next update. 45 minutes and counting now... According to WOAI-TV, the online numbers are behind alittle now since they have not had time to update them. But apparently there's just about 600 ballots left to be counted. I have no idea what's happening right now.

Bruce Kates at WOAI also just reported that there have been some whispers over at Castro HQ about some 'voter irregularities' at the Stone Oak box. Let's see what develops...

11:36 pm: FINALLY, an update!!! With 82% of precincts reporting, the good Judge has added 600 more votes to his margin- now leading by over 2,500 votes (51.1-48.9%). It is looking real tough now for Castro to pull it off. Let's see what develops between the two campaigns over the next few minutes. My bet is that Castro doesn't concede until all votes are in.

11:40 pm: 96.6% reporting, Phil leads by 2,500 votes even (51-49%). It's just about over...