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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Potential Bexar County Campaigns

Pink Dome is blogging that State Reps Carlos Uresti and Robert Puente may challenge State Sen Frank Madla in March's upcoming primary. When you add this to the upcoming Cuellar/Rodriguez/Raymond(?) Congressional race, and the possibility that we'll see one (or even two) open State Rep seats if either one of these guys runs- and the free for all we'll see in those open races- the South Side of SA is going to be drowning in party primary politicks over the coming months.

Maybe with all these down ballot races going on, Bexar County can actually help our statewide candidates, rather than being the unexpected liability we've become recently.

Some speculation and questions, who'd run in either of these open races? Richard Perez could very well run for Uresti's seat as much of District 4 is in that district. Puente's district is all over the place, taking in Schertz, China Grove, Southeast SA, and even some of San Antonio's near west side.

But here's a name for either district that I'm just gonna throw out... Julian Castro. He's already shown that he can run extremely well in nearly all of both districts. If he really wanted to get back in the game, he could very well run away with either of these districts. What do y'all think?