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Sunday, June 19, 2005

The Most Important NBA Game

of the season happens tonight. The winner of game 5 will most likely be our NBA champion this year. It will just be too hard for the loser of tonight's game to win the title. Either Detroit has to win two straight against a Spurs team at home that has gone something like 62-6 at the SBC Center over the last 16 months or SA has to win two straight elimination games against the defending world champs. I don't think either of those scenarios happens.

So here's what I think needs to happen for San Antonio to win tonight:

  • Timmy D needs to come out and get some fouls on Rasheed. Make Wallace guard him more and make McDyess stay on the court longer. Which means that a) Tim needs to be aggressive and b) Tim needs the refs to call some freakin fouls.
  • Sounds like a broken record here, but we need some production out of Tony Parker, once more, in a late-series game.
  • Either Manu, Tony, or Brent needs to bring the ball up. Sorry Beno, we're going to a 7-man lineup from here on out.
  • In this what-have-you-done-for-me-lately sociey, Manu needs to show everyone... again... why he's a better 2-guard then Kobe and McGrady.
  • For the love of God, can our bench be more productive than the McDyess(admittedly a good player, but the only one on this list)-Hunter-Carlos Arroyo trio of the Pistons?

So here we are with a huge game 5 for the third straight year (with this being the fourth time in those three years). WOAI's Don Harris had a very good quote on sports radio a couple of days ago. Harris essentially said that when the wheels come off the Spurs in the Duncan era, they really come off. Either we're gonna see Detroit blow us out of the building tonight (which we'll know by the middle of the 2nd quarter) that's gonna remind us of when we went 1-8 against the '01 and '02 Lakers, or we're going to see a game where it comes down to the last shot, much like Game 5 in '03 & '04 versus the Lakers and this year against the Sonics.

I think Timmy D comes out and shows everyone why he's ready to join the MJ, Magic, Bird, Russell pantheon and we come home one win away from the trophy.