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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Frost Endorses Raymond

Former Congressman Martin Frost, former chair of the Democratic Campaign Committee and former Chair of the House Democratic Caucus (the #3 Dem position in the House of Reps), has endorsed State Representative Richard Raymond in his challenge against Henry Cuellar. Frost cited a long history of betraying his party as to why Cuellar must be removed.

TJ Connolly said Frost's endorsement is irrevalent, whil Colin Strother, 'spokesman' (could we just say Chief o' Staff, Express-News?) for Henry Cuellar, said that Frosts needs to take up a hobby AND that when Frost was in charge of the DCCC, "we lost seats."

Well yes, I believe that if Raymond were to send a mailer out to South San Antonio stating that he has received the endorsement of Martin Frost, that would be irrevalent. But I don't think Raymond would do that. Considering that Martin Frost basically fundraised the money to fund the Dem trips to Ardmore and Alburquerque and was probably the one person in Texas who kept the Democratic Party in Texas relevant in the '90s, I'd say that this endorsement is intended to reach further out. Maybe to donors who have no idea why they should be giving money to an upstart State Rep. looking to knock off an incumbent Congressmen in a safe, Dem district. Or to activists who are disaffected with Cuellar, but are hesistant to support Ciro.

As far as losing seats when chair of the D-trip, well Frost was chair from 1995-1999, and we gained 10-11 seats in that time frame, so if by 'losing seats' you meant, 'being the only DCCC chair since the Republican revolution to produce meaningful gains', then you'd be right.