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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Frank Corte

Matt over at Just Another Blog had a good post the other day about the lack of Dem opposition Frank Corte has seen in his House District. There's no doubt that Corte has received a free pass up until now and someone in HD 122 needs to take it upon themselves and give voters a choice. Any candidate who would run against Frank Corte would get this blog's unqualified support.

But let's also inject some realism here. Corte's district looks to be 75% Republican according to the house district election analysis, putting it on par with Fred Brown and House Speaker Tom Craddick. The best a Democrat did in this district in '02? John Sharp, who still lost 66-33. Margaret Mirabel, who was running against Steven Wayne Smith for Texas Supreme Court, Place 4, was the only other Democrat to even crack 30%.

Another thing to think about? The district turns out disproportionately higher than average. In '02, 54% of the district turned out to vote, versus 44% statewide. Don't know the '04 numbers, but I would guess that it would be somewhere in the 60s. That's alot of people already voting. And while any opponent would have to undoubtedly go after new voters, this race will take alot of voter persuasion.

Matt gives the reason for a person to not vote for Corte, but any potential candidate is going to have to give voters a reason to vote for him/her. This race will also cost alot of money. Think Leibowitz-Mercer, or any of the Austin House races we've seen recently.

To sum this all up, while this district does have portions of Art Hall's and Chip Haass' City Council districts, the main chunk of this district is City Council district 9 (Schubert/Kevin Wolff), plus Castle Hills, plus Shavano Park, plus Hollywood Park, plus Hill Country Village, with a dash of Fair Oaks Ranch on the side. It'll be an extremely tough row to hoe for any Dem to run and win, but Corte is the type of state legislator who it could very well happen to.