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Monday, June 06, 2005

Express-News, Anti-Castro?

According to one blogger, yes. In reality, no. Political Editor Jaime Castillo and political writer Rebeca Rodriguez have been as fair and even-handed as you can be. Take Castillo's column from this weekend ( a good read to begin with), here's a snippet...

And up until recently, Castro has run a remarkable campaign. With virtually no support from the business community, he has out-hustled opponents with far bigger campaign war chests.

Because that's what someone who is blatantly biased would write about the opponent.

As far as the "the momentum has clearly swung to Castro" idea that some Castro supporters are flaunting, one debate- with over 40,000 votes in the can already- that can be construed as a toss-up does not momentum make.

Something else funny to look at is the whisper campaign Castro supporter's are hoping to gain traction with. Call Hardberger an ultra, pro-choice librul, who Dubya sued once upon a while. Smacks of desperation. I haven't checked yet, but did Castro bring former Schubert campaign manager Scott Pool onto his campaign for the runoff (if he did, Pool would be one of Schubert's first supporters to eschew Hardberger for Castro)?