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Saturday, June 11, 2005

The Dean Response

So we've got a couple of sorta responses to my post about Dean's comments from last week- one here at the Agonist, and another one here at Just Another Blog. To see some points of view on my side of the argument (sorta) read Ezra and this diary at TPMcafe. Actually, here's the whole TPMcafe diary for you:

If you're a blogger sitting in Berkeley, Philadelphia or New York, it's easy to write that Democrats should stop castigating Dean for what were pretty innocuous comments concerning the nearly monolithic Republican demographic. And I'm all for defending Dean on that count. But please, please, try to imagine yourself the Democrat Governor of Virginia, or a wannabe Senator from Tennessee, and you read that your party Chairman thinks "Most Republicans haven't earned an honest days living in their life" or "I hate the Republicans and everything they stand for." Would you expect your constituents, many of whom are Republican, to dismiss these comments as simply tough, partisan rhetoric, or would you expect that maybe, maybe some might ask you about them. In fact, they might just ask whether you agree with Dean. Now, if you're one of these guys, what would your response be? Just asking...

Right freakin' on...

Look, I completely agree with the rest of Dean's speech about how the Republicans just dont get it on health care, the working family, etc. Read that line again. But at what point and time does the good Doctor just not say that one freakin' line? We can rip all we want on the media for playing this one line up, but come on, Dean's (still) serving it up for them on a silver platter. The media's not gonna change guys, they're still going to be the same, shi**y things they've become. So what do you do? You take the other variable out of the equation.

I forget what season it is on the West Wing, but it's either Toby or Bruno who castigates the administration for continually talking about MS. Every time they do, their numbers drop. "Just stop talking about it" or something to effect comes out of Toby/Bruno's mouth. Just stop saying that one, stupid line for the love of God Howard... then you and I will be cool. He's a smart man, why he can't not say those stupid one-liners is beyond me.

Would his speech have been any different if he had kept that one line out?

There's a theory that I have in my mind about how Dems win in red states/districts. It has to do with gaining credibility. Whether it's as a businessman/woman, a non-partisan city councilmember of mayor, or some other way (maybe an Aggie graduate who's trying to represent College Station). You need to give Republican voters pause. Basically, these guys need a reason to not click the straight party "Republican" button. Once they do that, hey, they might just vote for another Dem or two down on the ballot. But it's really hard to do this when your National Party Chairman is calling the party these potential swing voters believe they belong to (whether or not that's really true is another story) a bunch of people who don't work for a living. Because that's a 30-second spot right there, lining your picture up right next to Howard Dean's with the good Doctor saying "Republicans have never worked a day in their life."