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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Changing Lanes

On May 27th, I met the woman I have been waiting for all my life. That was just the start of a whirlwind of events that totally changed my life. In about five days I fell in love for the first time and in twelve days I moved in with her. I experienced so much stress and emotions during all this time that I lost over 10lbs, not that I really needed to since I go to the gym often anyway. Now you may ask why in the world am I telling you this. Well the answer is simple, even though your life may contain drama never forget your civic duty to get out and vote. I was there with the other 130,000 or so that voted spite the fact that I was embroiled in all kinds of drama in my life. If any of you have seen the movie Changing Lanes then you should understand how something minor triggers a chain of events that forces you to confront yourself as well as those around you. The election was a prime example of two people trying almost anything to get what they wanted even though they knew deep down it is wrong. My heart was with Castro and I thought the hearts of San Antonians would be strong enough to influence others. Unfortunately Cincinnatus was correct in his numbers of how things would turn out. Cincinnatus and I are two men who believe in ourselves, our country and wish the best for our city. Never lose your desire to contribute to your community despite if your candidate loses and always remember that we are here for you and your opinions.