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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Another Viewpoint

Since we're all about the dialogue here at the Jeff, here's an e-mail left to me by a regular reader about the Dean quote and my posts about it:

Hello all,

I think it’s past time to move beyond the Dean quotes. However, Cincinnatus does make an interesting argument about what sort of democratic candidate can win in a red state like ours. It’s about giving the traditional Republicans cause to suspend their finger from the straight republican ticket lever/button.

I do not believe that we must necessarily hedge our bet by shifting to the right just enough to give the Republicans cause to pause for a second. The Republicans did not win the political game by hedging their bet to the center. They went from the far right to the crazy-radical-wingnut right.

People want a representative who represents their convictions. What the Republicans have done is to isolate a couple of convictions that people have – God, being one – and have done everything in their power to make the constituents believe that they represent them on those convictions more than our side does.

So what do we do? We find other convictions that come closer to home (and there are quite a few that come closer to home than heaven and church) – and harp on those convictions ‘till the cows come home. I’m convinced that we must harp on education and the bank account - kids and money. I believe that I’ve read somewhere that the Republicans haven’t done too well on
either. Also, we don't allow them to hijack the message by diverting it with school vouchers and tax cuts for the rich being good for the economy. We stay on OUR MESSAGE, not theirs.