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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Ah Dammit

So one more game on Thursday night. For everything. Thursday night's gonna suck.

As everyone sports analysts has already told us one million times, this is the first NBA Finals game 7 since the '94 Rockets-Knicks series. But is this the first game 7 for SA since the '90 Spurs-Blazers Conference Semis series? The one where Rod Strickland threw a behind the back pass away in the Rose Garden?

I hate game sevens, Carlos Arroyo could get hot and throw in four or five threes and that's the game. Duncan needs to have a monster game Thursday night. The man's the best low-post player in the league, and- in my opinion- the best player in the league. He needs to show it in what will be the biggest game of his career.

Because I really don't want to see Rasheed and his belt at anymore press conferences.