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Friday, May 27, 2005

Someday, someone

Is gonna teach Castro surrogates a little something about message discipline. Castro and twin have it already (did y'all see every single interview they did because of twingate?), too bad the surrogates could be their undoing. The Bexar County Deputy Sheriff's Association is looking to hit the Hardberger campaign with the Judge's own court record. Which is fair game, not a very bright move if you ask me (there's a difference between being the disssenting voice as an apellate judge, and voting no in Council/Lege/Congress, or even being the trial judge) , but fair game nonetheless.

Except, you guys need to stand by what you said:

"Overturning convictions of child molesters and murderers is not sound judgment," said Hector Delgado, chairman of the association's political action committee, which is supporting JuliƔn Castro's candidacy.


"We did not take pleasure or comfort in doing this, but he challenged the candidate that we endorsed on his judgment," Delgado said, speaking to reporters in front of the Bexar County Courthouse. "He opened the window last week when he said judgment is a key issue in this race."

Ok, all good ways to attack. But then, Delgado leaves on this note:

Eventually, Delgado conceded that Hardberger wouldn't be a bad choice on June 7, however.

"I believe that he probably would make a good mayor," he said.

So basically, you think he exihibits bad judgement, but not bad enough to disqualify him from the job of mayor? Either that's poor discipline or someone's hedging their bets. Either way, not a good thing for a 'supporter' of yours to be saying.