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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Quick Hits, Part Deaux

First things first- Spurs-Suns, it's over. Until the Suns, more specifically Stoudemire, can actually make a defensive stop, they're not going anywhere.

Went to see Revenge of the Sith last night, good movie... great last 30-45 minutes. But how can I believe that Anakin slides into the Dark Side that easily? Decades of Jedi training goes out the window just like that? No visit to Korriban, legendary home of the Sith (and I just showed you how much of a Star Wars nerd I am)?

Episode III just reminded me of how much of a waste Episode I was. You could've smashed all that junk into one-half of a movie and then expounded more on Anakin's fall in Episode II and III. I'm off to watch Episode IV in alittle bit- once I find a VCR and hook it up to a TV- to see how seamless the transition is.

School finance is officially dead. Cue Kay Bay's Guv. announcement. Note to every serious Dem. State House and Senate campaign trying to upend an incumbent, smack your opponent upside the head with this.

The mayoral race, which was Castro's to lose, is now a dead heat according to the Express-News' Rebecca Rodriguez:

"At this point, I don't think (Castro) is going to increase his share of the North Side vote," said Andy Hernandez, director of the 21st Century Leadership Center at St. Mary's University.

There's reason to believe Hernandez's assessment is correct.

Mike Villyard, president of the District 9 Neighborhood Alliance, said he simply believes Hardberger, 70, is better-equipped to take the reins of the city than is Castro, 30.

"Castro is a great young man with tremendous potential, but I don't feel that he is ready to lead San Antonio," Villyard said. Mayor "Ed Garza, too, is a great young man with tremendous potential, but he just didn't have the life experiences to lead the city."

Sherry Shaw, vice president of the Blossom Park Neighborhood Association on the North Side, said Castro appears to want "to be all things to all people."

"It's not age-related, but maybe he needs a little more maturity," she said

I'll have the laptop back tomorrow, so expect it to get back to normal tomorrow. The 8-days out campaign finance reports are due tomorrow. Don't know if they'll be online to view then since tomorrow is Memorial Day, but if they are, we'll take a look.