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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Bexar County DA Susan Reed Endorses Hardberger

Via the San Antonio Lightning, they promise details to follow.

If there's one person in Bexar County who would know a little something about the whole 'Phil Hardberger protects killers and child molesters' angle that the Castro campaign is trying to get traction with, it's Susan Reed. Seems as if it really isn't a problem for Bexar County's prosecutor.

Nice return smackdown, Hardberger and staff.

Update, 9:08 pm: The Phil for Mayor website blog has a quick blurb on the endorsement (top of the page, May 31st post for those seeing this in the archives)...

Bexar County District Attorney Susan Reed formally endorsed Phil Hardberger for Mayor of San Antonio today. She said she never really gets involved in politics, but she felt so strongly about Phil and what he has to offer the city that she wanted to make her opinion known. "San Antonio needs honesty and fairness from the people across the street at City Hall," she said. "That's what we need and that's what we will get with Phil Hardberger."

Update v2.0: The Express-News has the article-

Phil Hardberger fired back Tuesday at recent televised attacks on his judicial record by fellow mayoral candidate Julián Castro and unveiled a plum ally in the process: Bexar County District Attorney Susan Reed.

Reed, who endorsed Hardberger on the steps of the county courthouse, defended Hardberger's eight years on the 4th Court of Appeals and decried Castro's ads as "negative, nasty, demeaning and wrongful."

"The more I saw those ads, the madder I got," said Reed, who stated that she rarely gets involved in local races and has never endorsed anyone in a City Council contest. Reed is the latest Republican to jump on the bandwagon of Hardberger, a longtime Democrat who ran second to Castro May 7.

The runoff election is next Tuesday and early voting runs through Friday.

The Castro ads, unveiled late last week, blast Hardberger for freeing convicted sex offenders and murderers while sitting on the court, and for suing the city and H.E. Butt Grocery Co. as a trial lawyer.

The stark images and content are a dramatic departure from the positive media campaign Castro has run most of the campaign.

"Phil has demonstrated a clear pattern of bad judgment," Castro said.

While on the bench, Hardberger did remand several cases involving sex offenders and murderers back to the original trial court, but he contends there were sound legal reasons for doing so.

Reed, a former judge, said judges enforce the law, and sometimes that means asking whether the rules were followed in the original trial. If they were not, the appeals court could vote to overturn a conviction and send it back to the original court.

"It's not 'freeing'" a convict, she said.