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Saturday, May 28, 2005


I would like to send out my Endorsement for Castro. I have attended 4 Mayoral Forums , 1 of them I hosted at Northwest Vista College. I have spoken with both Castro and Hardberger personally and after listening to both of them at the forums and when I talk to them personally I don't feel that they are totally in touch with the people. Castro doesn't just hang out and relax with his supporters and Hardberger doesn't seem to pay much direct attention to you when you talk to him. However, in terms of who would be the better politician it is clear that Castro is more understanding and compromising. He would also not show favoritism for the developers and other embedded people at city hall. As for Hardberger that's where a good percent of his support comes from. On election day I was standing out at my Poll for Art Hall and 3 Castro Supporters were there with me all day, very well organized. As for Schubert or Hardberger supporters there were none. In fact I know that a Hardberger supporter is my Democrat Precinct Chair and I didn't even see her at the Poll on election day. With that aside I believe Cincinnatus is very accurate in determining how the votes will turn out. But after seeing what I saw from the Castro Campaign on election day I wouldn't count Castro out just yet. Hopefully my Endorsement gives you a different perspective here at The Jeffersonian. Don't forget to GO VOTE!!!