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Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Switcheroo Redux

So the national media has picked up on this debacle, which is nice.

The San Antonio Lightning also has a story about a different switcheroo. According to the SA tattler, Joaquin Castro has been setting himself up at the busy intersections waving to people with a Julian Castro for mayor (one city. my destiny.) sign behind him. For those San Antonians, this was at I-35 and SW Military. Now having been at that intersection hundreds of times in my life, I can tell you that you wouldn't be able to put just a random volunteer over there, no one would pay attention to you. But throw up a person who looks exactly like the candidate and what do you know, it works a whole lot better.

A reader also sent me these pics, but since I'm technologically feeble I have no idea how to post these on this blog.

But we here at the jeffersonian believe that we've fallen for Julian's antics. So now the Hispanic candidate for mayor is not Julian Castro, but Joaquin Castro. Besides, Joaquin's got the better hair and wardrobe.