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Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Opening Day this past Sunday saw the Red Sox and Yankees going at it again. Or as they say over at the Sports Guy's blog, "Congratulations to the Yankees for winning Game 8." The 'stros lost their first game of the season tonight. The Rangers are playing their first game tonight in Anaheim/LA/wherever, down 1-0 in the top of the 3rd right now.

The Braves get blown out today 9-0 by the Marlins. John Smoltz gets yanked after 5 outs. Say it ain't so Smoltzie!

UNC gets Roy Williams his first NCAA title last night. Afterwards they're visited by Dean Smith and Michael Jordan. The rich just get richer.

Congrats to the Baylor Lady Bears basketball team for winning their first national title. One can only wonder how good that Baylor men's basketball team would've been if they would've been able to hold onto Lawrence Roberts, Kenny Taylor, and John Lucas, Jr.

And all of this with the NBA season winding down in the background. It's good to be a sports fan this time of year.