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Monday, April 11, 2005


The Express-News continues its tour around the city council races today by profiling the candidates in District 3. One thing I don't think I wrote in my profile is that Ron Segovia, a 28-year veteran of the San Antonio Police Department did not get the endorsement of the Police Officer's Association. That went to his opponent, Roland Gutierrez. For those interested, my district three profile is right here.

One story that slipped through the cracks today was the C.O.P.S./Metro Alliance accountability session that was held last night. While I am shocked at the fact that Carroll Schubert made it so far down into San Antonio for this event, I have to tell you, I liked his answers a whole lot more than I did Julian Castro or Phil Hardberger's. Everyone has their own thoughts about these two organizations, and mine are mixed. They have done a remarkable job organizing the underserved areas of SA and in getting candidates to listen to their agenda. But for organizations that are so strongly rooted in the catholic parishes, they don't seem to really believe in the holistic concept of social justice. From everything I've heard, C.O.P.S./Metro Alliance effectively left the PGA Village negotiating table once they were able to procure a living wage from the settlement, leaving the enviromentalist groups all by their lonesome to protect our drinking water.

Greg has a great post about a Connecticut woman, purporting to know her community extremely well, who wants to know how she's supposed to sell her community on Sen. Leiberman when it's so darn pacifistic. Unfortunately, the facts aren't really in her favor. Bush won the town 1762 to 1308, Dodd was re-elected by a 1565 to 1299 margin and the State Assembly race was won by a Republican 1956 to 833.

Update: The previous post on the new campaign finance reports numbers have been updated, making the numbers easier to read, etc. There is also some new information on the District 6 numbers.