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Saturday, April 09, 2005


Update: I've made the numbers a little easier to read. The amount raised for this reporting period are in italics. The total cash on-hand is now in bold. The amount spent in the previous reporting period is sandwiched between the italic and bold numbers.

District 6 also has updated numbers for Ray Lopez and some additional commentary on what looks to be a reporting error by the Lopez campaign.

I've held off as long as I possibly could with these 30 days out campaign finance reports. A small group of candidates did not have their reports posted so I wanted to be nice and fair to everyone. But it looks as if these candidates did not submit their reports on time, so I say screw 'em we're moving on.

Here's the legend- $ Raised/$ Spent/$ On-Hand/$Loans(if applicable)
Example: Cincinnatus- $75,000/$50,000/$25,000/N/A
Some of these numbers may not add up as there may be some money rolled over from the last report. Also, any comments that I feel need to be added will be underneath the candidate's.

District 1
Roger O. Flores, Jr- $9,665/$6,571/$30,703.52/NA
Geezus, what the heck is this guy holding on to $31k for if he's term-limited out? Could Flores be looking to field a '07 mayoral campaign if the right person (read Julian) doesn't win this time around?

District 2
Joel Williams- $10,000/$16,388.85/$14,335.32/NA
Sheila McNeil- $5,823.70/$4,577.71/$2,300/$551
David Arevalo- $1,000/$1,000/$0/NA
McNeil has enough to do some things from now through May 7. Let's see if she can.

District 3
Ron Segovia- $29,761.15/$26,517.23/$9,443.92/$6,450
Roland Gutierrez- $8,643.23/$10,492.23/$1,131.86/NA
Segovia has spent alot of money in his district, this might be too steep a battle for Gutierrez to win.

District 4
Richard Perez- $29,903.74/$20,853.58/$24,379.36/18,761.65
Ruby Resendez- NA
Perez has raised alot of money against a challenger that can't even file a report. Subtract the loan however, and he only has about $6k left.

District 5
Patti Radle- $12,260/$15,376.33/$15,595.73/NA
Raymond Zavala- $0/$0/$0/NA
Don Wilkins Castill0- NA
Radle is another incumbent who has raised a lot of money for very minor opponents.

District 6
Larry Romo- $5,684/$8,190.57/$2,568.06/NA
Dominick Dina- $5,226.84/$4,760.21/$835.14/NA
Delicia Herrera- $2,838.32/$8,461.47/$0/NA
Ray Lopez- $14,115/$26,558.30/$3,488.88/$0
Ray Pena- $500/$2,824.36/$0/NA
Michael Gonzales- $0/$930/$0/NA
Pete Galaviz- $500/$500/$0/NA
Saul Santos- NA
Romo and Lopez seem to be the only ones who have money left over at this time, however methinks Herrera has screwed her report up. Speaking of screwed up reports, the City failed to correctly post Lopez' report on Friday. This was corrected Monday morning. Lopez seems to be paying his campaign manager almost 4 times what Romo pays his. And in actuality, Lopez' campaign manager's paycheck in May would leave him with less than $1,500 in the bank. This does not include what the Lopez campaign pays their Field Coordinator or any overhead costs associated with their campaign office.

There also seems to be a bit of a math error with Lopez' report. SA Elections is reporting that, by their math, Lopez should be $1,332 in the red. Lopez had $11,111 in the bank as of the Jan. '05 filing report. Lopez received $14,115 in donations from Jan.- April '05 which would have given him a total bank account of $25,226. Lopez spent $26,558.30 this filing period. Subtract $26,558.30 from $25,226 and that leaves you with negative $1,332. Would anyone from the Lopez campaign like to explain this math error?

District 7
Elena Guajardo- $20,649.96/15,448.67/$6,081/NA
Ted McDonald- $2,698.40/$539.40/$2,150/NA
Fred Rangel- $2,400/$4,269.37/$137.39/$5,771.98
Noel Suniga- $9,450/$12,668.89/$1,425.86/$2,000
Reinette Alezocay $3,095.45/$2,437.26/$0/NA
Ted Kenyon- $550/$1,633.81/$550/NA
Cynthia Test- $6,055/$7,252.28/$1,973/$4,500
Jim Valdez- $3,850/$1,872.49/$0/NA
Guajardo, Suniga, and Test really are the class of this race, with Rangel, McDonald, and Alezocay in a second tier race. Guajardo has enough money to right her ship, but can she actually do it?

District 8
Art A. Hall- $22,301.51/$20,736.27/$15,589.83/NA
Carlos Cardenas- $0/$27.50/$0/NA
Burt Cecconi- $6,134/$6,134.36/$0/$25,000
Michael Keogh- $6,050/$10,067.15/$0/NA
Gabriel Perales- $2,000/$959.36/$0/NA
Hall is another incumbent with a huge warchest a month out. Cecconi has a $25,000 loan, good god. Michael Keogh has actually spent quite a bit of money. He's setting himself up quite nicely for a run in '07- if that is what he's doing. As a recent student I would just like to say, great job spending some money to get the message out on student issues Carlos Cardenas.

District 9
Kevin Wolff- $39,280/$61,045.74/$23,429.90/NA
Weston Martinez- $875/$968.60/$0/NA
For those counting, Wolff has raised almost $110,ooo for this race. He has outraised his opponent 110 to 1, and outspent his opponent 80 to 1. Guess we're seeing another Wolff run for Mayor in '09.

District 10
Chip Haass- $8,600/$22,386.78/$16,070.52/$2,000
Steven Schauer- $10,838.05/$4,365/$8,733.52/NA
Jose Hernandez- $0/$2,735.55/$0/NA
Haass actually got outfundraised in '05 by Schauer, but Haass still has a 2 to 1 advantage over Schauer moneywise. Haass won a tight race last time, if Schauer can say the right conservative phrases, he just might make it close again.