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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I told you so...

At the risk of sounding condescending, snide, or in anyway superior to those out in blogland, I believe that State Rep. Mike Villarreal's actions in the past couple days prove a point I made in a previous post, and show him to be the sort of pol that we do NOT want to knock off in a primary.

Let's recap:

Via In the Pink (is it bad to think dirty thoughts when you read that phrase?)-

Villarreal 2:17 pm: "Families are the basic unit of society. Everything flows from that basic unit. Marriages provide the fertile ground for families to flourish- that bond is strong. However, in San Antonio and across the state, there are families providing that sense of stability for children who need that stability, children who would otherwise be in institutions or foster homes. I think this would narrowly define what a family is."

Villarreal 2:25 pm: "Why would you want to interfere with two individuals trying to enter into a contract?"

Villarreal 2:53 pm: "Why do you think this will make families stronger?"
Chisum: It protects that family unit from being encroached upon... so homosexuals aren't coming up and saying, we're married too!"
Villarreal: "How will this make my marriage stronger?"
Chisum: "If you don't think marriage is important, you'll vote against this."
Villarreal: "No, I think marriage is so important that I don't think we should be shutting the door."

On another matter entirely, Rep. Villarreal is looking to propose an amendment to SB848 (the Edwards Aquifer bill) that would allow local entities to protect their water resources. -Via PinkDome

This is the sort of guy I want on the Dem bench, how about you?