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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Hey, What's a Few Reps/Senators Between Friends?

Byron over at Burnt Orange Report, has a great find from the Austin Chronicle:

"Up there [in the US Congress], they have 40o-and-some on the House side- 454- and they have fewer on the Senate side: 60."- Texas House Speaker Tom Craddick, guest-teaching at Mendez Middle School last week, and revealing the need to do a little cramming before he takes the TAKS test. (For the record, there are 435 US Representatives, and 100 US Senators.)

But come on Byron, we've got to cut the guy a little slack. I mean if you add up 454 and 60, they almost add up to the correct amount of people who serve in the House and Senate.

That's probably how many Republican Representatives and Senators Craddick thinks are in both the US House and Senate.