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Friday, April 15, 2005

Garza- No City Manager Until '06

WOAI has Ed Garza saying that we won't have another city manager until sometime in 2006.

"First the council is going to enter the budget process. Then after that, there's a six to eight month process to have a search firm find a suitable candidate. It's not something that you can do quickly."

Which is true. So now what we're looking at a date of April 2006 before San Antonio gets another city manager.

But wait, Councilmen Roger Flores and Julian Castro have a backup plan. Sign acting City Manager Rolando Bono to a one-year contract and have him remove the 'acting' portion of his title. Then once his contract's up, evaluate his performance and go from there. Or basically, let's put this problem off for the next year. But, according to those who were indignant(!) about Sculley's package, 'we don't want no stinkin' ASSISTANT city manager.'

If SA were to sign Bono to a one-year deal and City Council were to go looking for another candidate after all, we would have to go through the entire search process again, and we'd have a city manager sometime around the end of 2006. Can someone tell me how much these searches are costing the city of San Antonio?

Flores also believes that there are several city staffers that were more qualified applicants than four of the five finalists (aka, everyone but Sheryl Sculley). Which basically plays into a larger point. San Antonio didn't want to pay top dollar for one of the very best city managers. So now we're going to play less for someone less qualified and hope they'll do. And if they don't, hey what's spending the taxpayer's money on another heft severance package and search process, right?