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Monday, April 18, 2005

The Express-News Endorses Hardberger

Sunday's Express-News had their editorial board endorsing Phil Hardberger in the race for mayor. This is what they had to say about him.

Political candidates frequently claim they are seeking public office because the community urged them to run. An authentic political draft movement is rare. But in the case of Phil Hardberger, it was the real thing- and with good reason.

Hardberger already has had a stellar law career as a lawyer and a judge. He was ready to enjoy a life of sailing with his wife when a diverse assortment of San Antonians persistently urged him to run for mayor.

Hardberger is unquestionably independent. The former judge is not running to build a resume, and no group will hold undue leverage over him. He brings no agenda other than to improve city government in the aftermath of corruption scandals and other controversies that have damaged the public's trust in City Hall.

And Hardberger's campaign is truly reaching out to all segments of the city. He has the ability to be a community bridge-builder.
The editorial goes on to talk about his time as the executive secretary in the Peace Corps and the Office of Economic Opportunity, as a well-respected lawyer and judge, and his adventurous hobbies.

The Express-News also this to say about Julian Castro and Carroll Schubert and how they differ from Hardberger-

Castro, a 30 year-old lawyer whose career has largely consisted of serving on the City Council for the past 4 years, needs more broad-based experience before he can become an effective leader.

While Schubert, 57, brings experience to the table, his vision is too narrow; the city needs a leader whose focus extends beyond basic services.

Hardberger, too, is committed to basic services, parks, and flood control. But he brings a bolder, broader approach and is committed to protecting the city's natural resources. He has the same stature and experience in advocacy to excel in efforts to lure major employees to the city.... Seasoned and well-rounded, Hardberger is the mayoral candidate that offers the best hope for efficient, effective leadership that charts a new course at City Hall.

I think the Express-News gets it dead on with this endorsement. It may not be the boldest endorsement (endorsing Castro or Schubert with their pandering to sections of the city would've been the boldest), it is the right choice to make. I'll tell you why I'm endorsing Judge Phil Hardberger later on today.

Finally, the Express-News is also endorsing Joel Williams, Ron Segovia, and Richard Perez in their election races. The Express-News has this to say about Ron Segovia-

In District 3, Councilman Ron Segovia's biggest controversy of his first term stemmed from a highly publicized incident in which he threw an apple at his former girlfriend, KSAT-TV reporter Gina Galaviz. He was cleared of any wrong doing by a grand jury.

That incident is not reason enough to oust Segovia, who has made a good faith effort to enhance progress in the South Side district.

Notice how they say 'biggest controversy', not 'only controversy.' Also, let me get this straight, has Segovia made a good faith effort to enhance progress, or has he actually enhanced progress?