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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Around SA, part II

We continue our tour through San Antonio with districts 4,5, and 8 today. Around SA (part I) with profiles of the campaigns in districts 1,2, and 3 can be found here.

District 4-

Richard Perez was quite possibly the most qualified first-time city council candidate in 2003. Before returning to San Antonio, Perez served as Assistant City Manager in Laredo, TX for five years, and as Special Assistant to the Deputy Secretary of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development for three years. He nows helps run his family's landscaping business.

But Perez has not been without his problems. Perez has come under fire recently for what has been seen as a bid-rigging scheme at the former Kelly AFB, now KellyUSA. KellyUSA employees were secretly recorded saying that they had felt pressure to skew the bid process in Perez' favor. These charges do not seem to be gaining much traction however. Perez also has a hefty bankroll he's sitting on, at $23,958, which has effectively kept other quality challengers from surfacing. Perez has also been endorsed by the AFL-CIO.

The only other candidate in the race is Ruby Resendez. Resendez is a late entry into the race, filing on March 4, and did not file an end of year campaign report. Outside of the biography on her website, there is not much known about Resendez. She could very well be setting herself up for a run in '07. Perez should be heading back to Council for this final two years.

District 5-

Patti Radle is the incumbent in District 5, and her victory in '03 was a historic one, becoming the first non-Hispanic councilperson of District 5. District 5 is overwhelmingly Hispanic (think on the scale of 80-90%), and the poorest of any of the 10 city council districts. By all accounts, Raddle has represented her constituency well. Raddle has spend the past 30 years as a community activist, running the Inner City Development Corporation with her husband as volunteers. Raddle has also been anti-development over the Edwards Aquifer, pro-enviroment, and supports buying more land over the Edwards Aquifer to keep developers from getting their grubby little hands on it. Raddle has been endorsed by the AFL-CIO, and has a surprising $20,145 in the bank (surprising to me at least).

Raddle's opposition is Don Wilkins Castillo and Raymond Zavala. Castillo ran for District 6 in 2001, finishing with 19 votes. For a list of Castillo's exploits from 2000-2001, click here. Zavala has also been a regular speaker at City Hall. Zavala has not run for office previously, and neither Zavala or Castillo have filed a campaign finance report. This may be another stretch, but I believe Raddle wins this one.

District 8-

Art Hall
's district. Hall's victory in '03 was another historic one as he became the first African-American on city council who represented a district other than District 2. Hall, a candidate for mayor in 2001 and took 8% of the vote, has been able to build bipartisan support on council, receiving the Police Officer's, Firefighters, SA Board of Realtors, Sierra Club, American General Contractors, AFL-CIO, and the Bexar County Deputy Sheriff's endorsements. Hall is well regarded in his district by businesses and residents alike. Hall has a campaign warchest of $14,024, and is the rare councilman seen on tv with his speech to Career Point graduates on their daily recruitment commercials. That however, has not stopped four other candidates from running against him.

Burt Cecconi would probably be the top opponent as Hall beat Cecconi by 50 votes in a 2003 run-off. This is Cecconi's 5th time running however, and he has not had the sort of support in '05 that he had in '03. By his own admission, Cecconi is really only running to help proposition 13 pass. Cecconi filed in late February and has not posted a campaign finance report.

Three other minor candidates are also running- Gabe Perales, Mike Keogh, and Carlos Cardenas. Perales ran unsuccessfully for a State House seat in '02 and '04, Keogh is a first-time candidage who is probably the most serious of the remaining three, and Cardenas is a student at my alma mater who believes that his brief time as Vice-President of Student Government translates into real-life gov't experience. Sorry Carlos, no dice.

For as good as Hall has been, it is hard to see why he's deserving of 4 opposition candidates. Nonetheless, Hall wins this one in a walk.

Once again, thanks goes out to for all their information. Districts 9 and 10 come up tomorrow.