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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Rodriguez Running Again

According to today's Express-News, Ciro Rodriguez is running to take back his old seat from Henry Cuellar. Not necessarily news, but in a city that normally doesn't get many quality, contested elections this high up the ballot, we'll take what we can get. Rodriguez, who has endorsed Phil Hardberger in the upcoming mayor's race, will be holding his first major fundraising in a couple of weeks (April 16, or as the Express-News likes to call it, next month).

State Rep. Richard Raymond of Laredo has also been interested in this race, and apparently he and Rodriguez have an agreement to not discourage either from running. "He's not running against me," said Rodriguez. "We're both running against Henry." If Raymond does run, the advantage tips to Rodriguez. One of the reasons last year's race was so close was because of the addition of half of Webb County into Rodriguez' district (another nasty side affect of re-redistricting). Webb county, with the possibility of having a hometown Congressmen, came out in droves for Cuellar. If Raymond enters the race, that could effectively split Webb county's support, allowing Rodriguez to sneak into a run-off. Then, depending on whether Raymond or Cuellar takes the other spot, this could set-up a situation where either Raymond endorses Rodriguez, or citizens get to choose between Raymond or Rodriguez. Either of those situations would be fine for this blog.

But while Rodriguez would most definitely be better than Cuellar, we here at The Jeffersonian are holding off on any support until Raymond decides if he's in or out (and by we, I mean me). Rodriguez has some serious questions to answer as to why a relatively decent Congressman could be thrown out of office for no overarching reason. Plus he's going to have to run a much better campaign in San Antonio- the turnout here was pitiful when compared to Webb.

So for right now, The Jeffersonian is merely a member of the ABC (Anybody But Cuellar) crowd.