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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Richard Raymond Fundraiser

Pink Dome has an exclusive post on State Rep. Richard Raymond's fundraiser tonight in Dallas. But you thought State Reps couldn't fundraise during session did you? Not if its for a possible Congressional run. The Dome also has a press release from Jason Stanford (of Stanford Research I presume) lambasting Raymond for not only violating the 'spirit' of the Texas Ethics laws, but also for not having filed the appropriate paperwork with the FEC.

Raymond's response?
"The only response I would expect from Cuellar is a distraction. I wouldn't be having dinner if my attorneys had not thoroughly reviewed the letter of the law.

He is just apparently scared that I have formed an exploratory committee."
Among the notables at the fundraiser tonite- Martin Frost, Ron Kirk, and Aaron Pena. If there's a quick way for a candidate to get close to this blogger's heart, it'd be by having Martin Frost show up at a fundraiser for you.