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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Mayor's Campaign News

Phil Hardberger's campaign held a press conference yesterday outlining his platform. In the press release, Hardberger takes swipes at Castro and Schubert, stating:
"My vision isn't for the West Side or the North Side, or the developers, or any other group. It is a vision for all of San Antonio: bringing people together to find long-term solutions... These two Councilmen have had 4 years to bring about change on City Council and that has not happened. With so much at stake in this campaign, it is hard to believe promises from those who have failed to perform for four years. Their candidacies have been defined by the last 4 years of inaction on City Council, not the last 4 months of empty promises they've been making all over the city."

Hardberger's 4 priorities for his administration would be:
  • Keeping communities safe
  • Preserving parks and natural resources
  • Protecting neighborhoods from flooding
  • Fixing traffic problems
At the same press conference, Hardberger also laid into Castro and Schubert for going along with a proposal to pay SA's next city manager $300,000/year- making him/her the best paid city-manager in the country- saying that neither obviously know how to negotiate with taxpayer's money. With less than 40 days left, the gloves are starting to come off.